Data Centre - Langstone Technology Park

Langstone Park has a team of experts on hand, including engineers, draftsmen and technicians, to support you. The park also has excellent infrastructure to support the installation and running of data centres, including:

    • high level of power available via two separate power supplies coming onto site (16 MvA power combined)
    • uninterrupted power on site
    • power is on site as two separate rings so they do not affect one another
    • occupiers can have their own backup power, dedicated power or generator on site, and we have the space and the expertise to support our occupiers
    • ability to have self-contained/dedicated cooling in your premises
    • dual 11 KV electrical supply with 13 substations
    • total site capacity of 14.6 MVa
    • high-bandwidth data and diverse power supplies
    • two separate ring mains

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